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Study Aids

This guide features study aids available in the Law Library and online.

Finding Online Study Aids

Finding Print Study Aids

For a specific title, search the library catalog, Primo, using the title of the series and the topic.

Recent editions can be found in Reserve and can be checked out for two hours. (24 hour checkout is available for some materials in Reserve.) Older editions of some study aids are in the 4th floor treatise collection and are available for a longer checkout period.

Remember, study aids are just that: aids to your regular study. They are not a substitute for attending class and reading required material!

Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance.

Browse Study Aids by Series

Where can I find case briefs?

Aspen Learning Library will include case briefs and will soon be available to all law students.

In the meantime, you can always use Lexis and Westlaw for case briefs/case summaries. Since this is how you will look up and quickly review cases when practicing law, it is a good idea to become familiar with the process while you are in law school.

Log in to Lexis or Westlaw using your student account and look up the case using the case name or citation. If you need help accessing Lexis or Westlaw, contact the law librarians for help.


Many (but not all) cases on Lexis include a link to a Law School Case Brief at the top of the page, under the case title:

Screenshot of Brown v. Board of Education on Lexis+ with link for "Law School Case Brief" circled in red.









If there is no case brief link, scroll down to the Case Summary, which provides an overview of the procedural history, facts, and holdings from the case:

Screenshot of Brown v. Board of Education on Lexis+ with "Case Summary" section of case circled in red.








Students can also use the Lexis AI Assistant to “Summarize a Case” and create an AI generated case brief.


If using Westlaw, review the Synopsis and the Headnotes at the beginning of the case, for an overview of the main facts, points of law, and holdings:

Screenshot of Brown v. Board of Education on Westlaw, with Synopsis section of the case circled in red.


















Case briefs and summaries are intended to be a supplement and not a substitute for reading cases. Relying exclusively on case briefs (especially AI-generated summaries) may result in wrong or incomplete information about a case.