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Moot Court

Resources for participants in moot court competitions

Brief Analysis Tools

There are multiple resources for Seattle University law faculty and students that can be used to perform citation checks on documents. The options listed here will check citations for accuracy, validate the cited authority, and make suggestions for additional authority.

Note that use of these products may be limited or prohibited in certain classes. Please check with your course guidelines or professor to ensure you are allowed to use brief analysis and citation formatting software.

Bloomberg Law - Brief Analyzer

Brief Analyzer, by Bloomberg Law, will generate a list of authorities cited within a brief, determine whether those authorities are still good law, suggest relevant additional content, and point to relevant secondary sources. 

Lexis - Brief Analysis

Brief Analysis, by Lexis+, will identify legal concepts and citation patterns in uploaded documents, perform a full Shepard's analysis, suggest additional relevant cases and identify similar briefs.

Westlaw - Quick Check

Quick Check, by Westlaw Edge, analyzes uploaded drafts and briefs using KeyCite, suggests additional related primary and secondary sources, and can review quotations for accuracy. Quick Check Judicial creates a single report based upon uploads of multiple briefs from opposing sides.