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Researching Legal Careers

A guide to finding information on legal careers in many areas of the law

JD Preferred Jobs and Career Options

Many people attend law school to become lawyers and work in the legal industry. But a law degree can prepare a graduate for so much more. So called "JD Preferred" or "JD Advantaged" jobs, where bar passage is not required but a law degree is a definite plus, can range from legal tech development to human resource management. The resources listed below can help you explore options that help you leverage your specialized education.

Center for Professional Development

Seattle University School of Law's Center for Professional Development (CPD) is committed to providing students with the tools and guidance necessary to secure great job opportunities and pursue fulfilling careers. Visit CPD's website for resources and upcoming events.

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Center for Professional Development
Sullivan Hall 200
901 12th Avenue
P.O. Box 222000
Seattle, WA 98122-1090
(206) 398-4100

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Web Links to Information on Alternative Careers

Career Resources Available in the Library