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This research guide is not intended to be comprehensive, but rather will list some of the major sources of law in the area and a variety of tools for the researcher to use when confronted with a legal issues involving corporations.

Books For a General Overview of the Law

Books For More Detailed Analysis

Books For Practice-Oriented Treatment

In addition to those works mentioned above (particularly Fletcher and Business Organizations), several other works are written with the practicing lawyer in mind.

BNA publishes a series of portfolios called BNA's Corporate Practice Series, LAW-4th Floor KF1397.C654 (also avaialble online through BNA database at Corporate Practice Library). There are more than 50 portfolios on a wide range of topics. They include worksheets (appendix material), bibliographies, and "practical scholarship" with a practitioner's focus. Each portfolio addresses a specific issue and is in the catalog under its own title. Even so, the portfolios are all shelved together.

Similar to the above, Lexis publishes a series of Business Law Monographs.

Books For Washington Treatment

In addition to the following texts, there are often Continuing Legal Education (CLE) seminars on business law. The coursebooks from these CLE's may contain chapters on issues (particularly emerging or changing) in corporation law.

Books For Ancillary Subjects

Some of the major works on related areas of law include: