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Washington Legislative History Research: Home

These resources and materials can be used to begin a legislative history research project. If you have any difficulty locating or utilizing the resources below, please contact a reference librarian.


Legislative history can be helpful in determining the legislative intent or the purpose of a bill or an act. It can be used to clarify meaning when the language of a law is ambiguous. It may also help the researcher understand why certain words or phrases were included or omitted in a law by the legislature.

Washington legislative history may be located in a variety of ways depending on what the researcher is seeking, what resources are available to the researcher and what information has already been obtained.

Table of Contents - Washington Legislative History Research

Washington Legislative History Sources

  • Revised Code of Washington (RCW)
  • Laws of Washington
  • Final Legislative Report
  • Washington State Legislature’s Website
  • Legislative Digest and History of Bills of the Senate and House of Representatives
  • Journal of the House and Journal of the Senate
  • Audio and Video Archives
  • Washington State Archives

Additional Resources

  • The Legislative Process and Accompanying Documents
  • Other Guides on Washington Legislative History

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