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Locating Past Exams: Home

Preparing for finals? Some students find it helpful to look at old exams that are kept in the library.

Locating Past Exams

Current exams are placed on the faculty TWEN sites at the discretion of the faculty member. The library retains a collection of past law school exams through summer semester 2003 on the Court level. For more resources on exam taking, consult our Exam Taking Resources research guide or contact a reference librarian.

Exams are listed alphabetically by subject then by professor. Identify the exam you'd like to look at.

Once you've identified the appropriate volume in the index you can pull it off the shelf.

Use the index at the begining of the volume to find the section number for the exam you're interested in.

Flip to the appropriate section.

You may photocopy the exam or check out the entire bound volume for 2 hours.

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