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A collection of books and other resources available at the law library. Originally compiled by Kara Phillips, Associate Director/Collection Development Librarian.
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Books Available at the Law Library

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Acting Skills for Lawyers - Laura Mathis
Call Number: LAW-4th Floor KF8915.M374 2011
ISBN: 1616329327
In Acting Skills for Lawyers, Mathis shares the secrets used by professional actors that can make the legal professional become a more skilled and dynamic lawyer, partner, manager, and person.

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Amicus Humoriae: An Anthology Of Legal Humor - Robert M. Jarvis, Thomas E. Baker, Andrew J. McClurg
Call Number: LAW-4th Floor, PN6231.L4A64 (2003)
ISBN: 0890894108
This book consists of 25 of the funniest law review articles from the past 50 years arranged in five categories: law students, law professors, lawyers, judges, and legal scholarship.

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Barman: Ping-Pong, Pathos, And Passing The Bar - Alex Wellen
Call Number: LAW-Reserve, KF297.W45 (2003)
ISBN: 1400048915
Barman is a hilariously honest portrayal of a young man’s trials as he progresses through law school and on to being a licensed attorney in New York.

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The Bramble Bush: On Our Law and Its Study - K. N. Llewellyn
Call Number: LAW-4th Floor, KF273.L55 (1960)
This classic remains one of the books most frequently and strongly recommended for students to read when considering law school. It offers timeless advice to those considering law school as well as current students.

Cover Art
The Brethren: Inside the Supreme Court - Bob Woodward & Scott Armstrong
Call Number: LAW-4th Floor, KF8742.W66 (1979)
ISBN: 0671241109
The Brethren is the first comprehensive behind-the-scenes account of the Supreme Court in action.

Cover Art
Broken Contract: A Memoir Of Harvard Law School - Richard D. Kahlenberg; with a foreword by Robert Coles
Call Number: LAW-4th Floor, KF373.K34A3 (1992)
ISBN: 0809031655
Broken Contract is a memoir of a Harvard law student detailing his three years of law school.

Cover Art
The Courage of Their Convictions - Peter Irons
Call Number: LAW-4th Floor, KF4749.I76 (1988)
ISBN: 002915670X
This text is another classic that documents 16 Americans who pursued their beliefs in their constitutional rights all the way to the Supreme Court. Their cases, decided by the Supreme Court between 1940 and 1986, highlight four major issues of our time -- religion, race, protest, and privacy.

Cover Art
Finding Your Voice in Law School - Molly Bishop Shadel
Call Number: LAW-Reserve KF283.S52 2013
ISBN: 1611630738
Finding Your Voice in Law School provides strategies for succeeding at the Socratic Method in the classroom, mock trials and job interviews, as well as making arguments in a courtroom.

Cover Art
Gideon's Trumpet - Anthony Lewis
Call Number: LAW-Reserve, KF228.G53L49 (1989)
ISBN: 0679723129
Clarence Earl Gideon is denied a court appointed attorney when he cannot afford one, so acting as his own lawyer, he is convicted and sent to jail. While in prison, he begins a hand-written campaign directed to the U.S. Supreme Court, contending that every defendant is entitled to legal representation. The Court agrees to hear Gideon's case, and, in a landmark decision, rules in his favor.

Cover Art
Hard-Nosed Advice From A Cranky Law Professor: How To Succeed In Law School - Austen L. Parrish, Cristina C. Knolton
Call Number: LAW-Reserve KF283.P37 2010
ISBN: 1594608024
Hard-Nosed Advice delivers wisdom for law students with a clever sense of humor. This book communicates the expectations in the law classroom in an era of evolving classroom technologies, tightening job markets, and changing academic cultures.

Cover Art
The Law School Trip: The Insider's Guide to Law School - Andrew J. McClurg
Call Number: LAW-Reserve, PN6231.L4M33 (2001)
ISBN: 1552126463
Written by an award-winning law professor and humorist, The Law School Trip is a step-by-step guide to the surreal world of legal education.

Cover Art
Lawyer: A Brief 5,000-Year History - R. Blain Andrus
Call Number: LAW-3rd Floor K183.A53 2009
ISBN: 1604425989
Lawyer provides a history of lawyers from a lawyer’s perspective. Starting with Biblical times and working its way to the present, this book provides a scholarly, yet comical, look at the history of law and the lawyer’s role.

Cover Art
Letters from Law School: The Life of a Second-Year Law Student - Lawrence Dieker, Jr.
Call Number: LAW-Reserve, PS3554.I45L48 (2000)
ISBN: 0595009751
Letters from Law School is about the second year of law school, after the cold shock of the plunge. This book describes the struggle to come up for air after struggling through the first year.

Cover Art
Letters to a Young Lawyer - Alan Dershowitz
Call Number: LAW-4th Floor, KF373.D46A3 (2001)
ISBN: 0465016316
In Letters to a Young Lawyer, Dershowitz distills the wealth of his experiences and the passion of his beliefs into essays about life, law, and what it means to be a good lawyer and a good person.

Cover Art
May It Please The Court: A Lawyer's War Stories - Mitchell D. Kessler
Call Number: LAW-4th Floor, KF373.K46A3 (2004)
ISBN: 1555177301
This book follows a personal injury lawyer in his conquests both in and out of the nation’s courtrooms as he labors to right the wrongs of an imperfect society and to speak for those who sometimes can’t speak for themselves.

Cover Art
One L - Scott Turow
Call Number: LAW-Reserve, KF373.T88A33 (1978)
ISBN: 0140049134
Scott Turow's One L, describes his turbulent first year at Harvard Law. This book has become almost mandatory reading for anyone contemplating law school.

Cover Art
The Spirited Law Student: A Guide for Excelling Academically and Maintaining a Healthy Life - Paula Lustbader
Call Number: LAW-Reserve, KF283.L87 (2009)
Written by Seattle University Law School Professor Lustbader, this book provides advice and direction for those considering law school. It also offers current law students guidance on the challenging transition into law school, strategies for success, and much more.

Cover Art
The Zen Of Law School Success - Chad Noreuil
Call Number: LAW-Reserve KF283.N67 2011
ISBN: 1611631211
This book offers a Zen approach to succeeding in law school and beyond. The book also provides exercises and model answers to help students succeed on exams.

Cover Art
1000 days to the bar, but the practice of law begins now - Dennis J. Tonsing
Call Number: LAW-Reserve KF272.T66 2010
ISBN: 083773813X
Students who employ the law school learning strategies offered in the book may improve their law school performances and increase their chances of passing the bar on their first try. They may also come to understand the practical implications of their hard work for the transition into the real world of practice.

Cover Art
To be a Trial Lawyer - F. Lee Bailey
Call Number: LAW-4th Floor, KF8915.B343 (1994)
ISBN: 0471072567
This is another classic text for those considering law school, and a must read for every law student who is interested in trial advocacy and what it takes to be a successful trial lawyer.

Cover Art
Trial and Error: The Education of a Courtroom Lawyer - John C. Tucker
Call Number: LAW-4th Floor, KF373.T833A3 (2003)
ISBN: 0786711132
Trial and Error details with painstaking honesty the twilight of John C. Tucker’s legal career, the difficult steps he took in learning the trial attorney's trade, and the reality of life as one of the country's leading civil and criminal trial lawyers.


  • Dough, Re, Mi: The Scale of Justice (A Descant for Entering First-Year Law Students)  
    Kelly Kunsch, Dough, Re, Mi: The Scale of Justice (A Descant for Entering First-Year Law Students), 87 Law Lib. J. 471 (1995) (featured on Westlaw’s Law School Life First Year Survival Guide)
  • Why Law School Is Still Worth It  Icon
    This article offers a ray of hope for those who, after reading all the negative talk about law schools, are still considering law school. It discusses the importance legal training in our economy, how student loans aren’t all bad, and the favorable applicant environment.
  • The Summer Before Law School  Icon
    This article provides advice on the steps you can take to prepare for law school the summer before the first semester starts. The section on Mental Preparation is also good advice for current students.
  • Insight from a First-Year Law Student (pdf)  Icon
    The article discusses how learning to be a good writer in law school will positively affect your legal career.


  • Law Student Diaries  Icon
    Follow several law students as they document what it is like to be a law student at Seattle University.

  • ABA Law Student Division  Icon
    The ABA’s section for law students provides information on career advice, competitions, insurance, the Student Lawyer Magazine, and much more. It is a great resource for the law student.
  • SCOTUS for Law Students  Icon
    Sponsored by Bloomberg Law, the SCOTUSblog is written by lawyers and law students about current Supreme Court cases, petitions, arguments, and decisions. The blog also provides information on the Supreme Court Justices.
  • Law School Academic Support Blog (A Member of the Law Professor Blogs Network Sponsored by Wolters Kluwer)  Icon
    The Law School Academic Support Blog is written by law professors who offer law students advice on all that they may face in their first year and beyond.
  • The Student Appeal: Law School Humor  Icon
    The Student Appeal is an independently published law journal that publishes legal articles and editorials discussing law and policy issues, law school, and different legal careers available to JDs.
  • Professor Andrew Jay McClurg’s Legal Humor  Icon is a source for archived, academically oriented, legal humor in a variety of categories, including Strange Judicial Opinions, Funny Law School Stories, Weird Warning Labels and much more.
  • Law School Memes  Icon
    If you are looking for Common Law cases (predominantly Canada & UK) in meme form, this is the site to check! This is a humorous site for when you need a break from studying.

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