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This guide is designed to assist law journal staff through the process of selecting topics, writing, editing and cite checking law review articles.

Introduction to Journal Staff Work

Overview of Journal Staff Work

The newer members of a law journal staff, the 2Ls, typically write a note or comment of publishable quality and cite-check the articles that are being published by the law journal.

The 3Ls serve as editors and fill the senior editorial staff positions, including senior articles editor, senior note & comment editor, senior managing editor and, editor-in-chief of the law review.  The editors review and select articles for publication, manage the editing process, and assist the 2Ls in writing their notes and comment

This Journal Staff Research Guide is intended to assist journal members in through the steps of writing, cite-checking and editing articles.

Table of Contents

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Contact Us


Barbara Swatt Engstrom is the primary contact librarian for the Seattle Journal of Environmental Law.

Kelly Kunsch is the primary contact librarian for American Indian Law Journal, Seattle Journal for Social Justice, Seattle University Law Review.

Reference librarians are available either at the reference desk or by appointment. Use the staff directory to contact a librarian to schedule a convenient meeting time.

Reference Desk

The reference desk is located to the left as you enter the library. This desk is staffed by experienced reference librarians. They are available to assist with research questions.

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